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    • Bruce

      ¨Walther gave an awesome workshop and he has great knowledge of the andean cosmology and his technique. I really learned the profound benefits, breathing and exercise can have on one´s state of  mind and being.His techniques i have already incorporated into my own meditation practice and it has been life changing¨. NAME: Louis COUNTRY: South Africa,  DATE: 12/12/2019, SESSION TYPE: Holistic therapy workshop.
    • Heather Jusper

      ¨This is a very powerful practice that combines many different thechniques. I appreciated how my entire workshop was conducted outside and connected me with the land and energy in Cusco¨ SESSION TYPE: Holistic therapy workshop at outdoor, CLIENTE: Heather Jusper COUNTRY: U.S.A, DATE: 03/11/2019
    • SIA LANU

      ¨I've worked with Walther a few times now. He is so in tune with the land and what his client needs. Not only did I see wonderful places here in Peru, but I experienced powerful insights and shifts within myself. I came into a deeper connection with my body and how it is supporting me on my spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend Walther - his gifts and offering is powerful and unique¨ SESSION TYPE: Outdoor Holistic Therapy,  CLIENT: Sia Lanu, COUNTRY: Australia, DATE: 15/06/2018
    • Tia Francesca

      ¨Stunning day with Walther to Huaypo lake. Beautiful hike up Huaypo Hill to the most amazing view, with a meditation made to match. Breath taking moments, nature at its best, connection with the beloved apu's. The best welcome back I could have for my return to Peru. Thanks again Walther, it was just the day out that I needed, with the best company. Words don't describe!¨ SESSION TYPE: Outdoor Holistic Therapy , Client: Tia F.,  COUNTRY: Australia , DATE: 28/10/2017.
    • Jaime

      ¨I had a brilliant 1 hour session with Walther, I felt so much more grounded and connected after the experience and  Walther made it so much fun! Thank you 🙂 ¨ SESSION TYPE; Outdoor Contemporary Fitness, CLIENT: Jaime, COUNTRY: Australia, DATE: 02/04/2018
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