Testimony of Clients:

  • Vyara

    I had the luck to have some trips with Walther during my stay in Peru. We went to Rainbow Mountain, the lake Huaypo and probably one of the most beautiful and strong places I have ever been -Quillarumiyoq. Together we practiced also meditation and some other holistic practices. Those trips helped me to ground myself much better and to connect with Peru and myself on a deeper and beautiful way! Walther was amazing not only by supporting me physically but also helped me a lot to go through my inner processes! I cannot describe with words how thankful I am for everything and the impact of this time on me! I can only recommend Walther and his services to everyone ¡ NAME: Vyara, PAIS: European Union, SESSION TYPE: Outdoor holistic therapy, SESSION DATE: April 2023.
  • Bruce

    ¨Walther gave an awesome workshop and he has great knowledge of the andean cosmology and his technique. I really learned the profound benefits, breathing and exercise can have on one´s state of  mind and being.His techniques i have already incorporated into my own meditation practice and it has been life changing¨. NAME: Louis COUNTRY: South Africa,  DATE: 12/12/2019, SESSION TYPE: Holistic therapy workshop.
  • Heather Jusper

    ¨This is a very powerful practice that combines many different thechniques. I appreciated how my entire workshop was conducted outside and connected me with the land and energy in Cusco¨ SESSION TYPE: Holistic therapy workshop at outdoor, CLIENTE: Heather Jusper COUNTRY: U.S.A, DATE: 03/11/2019

    ¨I've worked with Walther a few times now. He is so in tune with the land and what his client needs. Not only did I see wonderful places here in Peru, but I experienced powerful insights and shifts within myself. I came into a deeper connection with my body and how it is supporting me on my spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend Walther - his gifts and offering is powerful and unique¨ SESSION TYPE: Outdoor Holistic Therapy,  CLIENT: Sia Lanu, COUNTRY: Australia, DATE: 15/06/2018
  • Tia Francesca

    ¨Stunning day with Walther to Huaypo lake. Beautiful hike up Huaypo Hill to the most amazing view, with a meditation made to match. Breath taking moments, nature at its best, connection with the beloved apu's. The best welcome back I could have for my return to Peru. Thanks again Walther, it was just the day out that I needed, with the best company. Words don't describe!¨ SESSION TYPE: Outdoor Holistic Therapy , Client: Tia F.,  COUNTRY: Australia , DATE: 28/10/2017.
  • Jaime

    ¨I had a brilliant 1 hour session with Walther, I felt so much more grounded and connected after the experience and  Walther made it so much fun! Thank you 🙂 ¨ SESSION TYPE; Outdoor Contemporary Fitness, CLIENT: Jaime, COUNTRY: Australia, DATE: 02/04/2018
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